Peripheral IV Access Update 2022!

It’s been quite a while since I revamped my lecture slides for my technique on how to perform peripheral IV’s. This lecture is one that I gave in Maui with Michael Macias (The POCUS Atlas). We recorded our full day of lectures and will be releasing them on the Core Ultrasound website for your viewing pleasure!

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  1. This is a great video to help train ultrasound-guided peripheral IV access. I was curious if you had the reference to the ER study comparing ultrasound-guided IVs and landmark techniques to show how ultrasound wasn’t better for all patients. Also if you have the study on the depth of ultrasound at 0.5-1.5cms is the best for cannulation. I’m very interested in ultrasound and would love to read more on the subject and having some studies would be so helpful. Thank you so much for this great lecture and the time that is put in to bring together these presentations.


    1. If I’m thinking of the same study you are, that specific study compared the two techniques (LM and US) was in all comers.  This is important because US-guidance should only be used in those with difficult IV access (usually defined as 2-3 tries by 2 different providers). Studies that include only difficult IV access patients almost invariably show US better.  It’s important to understand those nuances.

      Here’s the study you’re looking for regarding the depth: (also, I realized I misquoted that reference! It’s 0.3-1.5, not 0.5-1.5 like I mentioned).

      Hope this helps!

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