Central Venous Access (2020 edition)

CVC Part 1
CVC Part 2
CVC - Part 3 (site specific techniques)

When teaching ultrasound-guided placement of central venous catheters, I divide them into 3 components: A.) How to handle the tech B.) The general technique of placing them and C.) Site-specific techniques for internal jugular, subclavian and femoral vein catheterizations

Instead of creating one video that was 15 minutes long and placing time-stamps to click on for each section, I decided to create 3 separate 5-minute videos that you can click through.  All three videos were peer-reviewed by Justin Cook, MD (An emergency physician who continuously teaches me new/better techniques) during the month of July, 2020.

Click the pictures above to access the videos, and the buttons below to see related videos, the 2015 version of US-guided CVC placement, and all other videos.   Enjoy!

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Previous Version of CVC video (2015)
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  1. Hello –

    Wondering where the insertion depths for the 4 upper CVC locations in your video came from. From Roberts and Hedges and other locations, I learned, in order of increasing insertion depth: RSC, RIJ, LSC, LIJ. Below is from Roberts and Hedges.

    Thanks, Terence

    Formulas for Catheter Insertion Length
    Based on Patient Height and Approach

    RSC (Ht/10) − 2 cm 96 4
    LSC (Ht/10) + 2 cm 97 2
    RIJ Ht/10 90 10
    LIJ (Ht/10) + 4 cm 94 5

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