Tools and Tutorials

Here you will find an archive of tutorials and tools.  If you like and use these tools, consider making a donation to keep this site up and running.



SonoClipShare: Share your clips with anyone, anywhere. Basic online PACS-like system for archive sharing and feedback.

Pluck: extract a still image from your ultrasound video, then annotate it and download it using top journal format presets. All video and still formats supported, including DICOM.

Video mosaic builder: combine any number of clips into one video mosaic. Useful for lectures or twitter. Rectangular geometry up to 5×5 for the output, all video formats supported.

Sonogif: Convert any clip to a gif using this app.

ClipDeidentifier:  Make your ultrasound clips HIPPA compliant for sharing, publishing, and education with this tool.

Pubmed Citation GeneratorCreating #FOAMed and need an AMA-compliant citation?  Use this tool.

CV Citation Generator: Create a list of your publications in AMA format for your CV.

Scan Adjust Demo: this is an online demonstration of the importance of a properly gained ultrasound image. It allows the user to visualize a real time histogram of brightness intensities while highlighting the portion of the scan that is either over- or under-gained.

M.mode.ify: this is a tool that will (magically) allow you to convert an ultrasound clip to m-mode.




Tutorial: Clips to Gifs  Here’s a photoshop tutorial on how to create an animated gif from an ultrasound clip.  These gifs are useful as auto-playing web images or to tweet.

Tutorial: 2 Clips, 1 Gif  Here’s a photoshop tutorial on how to create a single animated gif from two ultrasound clips.  These gifs are useful as auto-playing web images or to tweet.

Tutorial: Tweak U/s Clips with Photoshop  Have a great ultrasound clip for teaching, but it’s too dark or lacks contrast?  Here’s a tutorial on how to use the power of Photoshop CC to tweak your clips for presentation.

Basic Video Editing with Photoshop Here’s a photoshop tutorial on how to import video and audio clips into Photoshop and splice them together with basic transitions and export as one video file.

Colorize Ultrasound Clips Here’s a photoshop tutorial on how to colorize ultrasound clips. You can then export them as video files or gifs.