USP – Top 5 POCUS Tips

Ultrasound Podcast #202

This week we keep our basics series up and running!

A few months ago I had the privilege of speaking at the Tennessee American College of Emergency Physicians Scientific Assembly and the talk I gave was entitled “Top Five Bedside Ultrasound Applications”.  Instead of a traditional “Top Five”, I gave the two most life altering (COPD vs CHF and aortic dissection), the two most important procedures (US-guided IV and nerve blocks), and my favorite exam (Pneumonia).  Watch the video below for more specifics!

Click any of the 5 MS videos below for a recap/more info!

5MS – B-lines (COPD vs CHF)
5MS – Aortic Dissection
US-Guided IV
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks
5MS – Pneumonia
  1. Thank you so much for sharing. My Name is Patrick McNeal and I’m a PA and faculty member at the MUSC PA program. I trained in the adult MUSC ED for 5 years with the Ultrasound team somewhat informally. Drs. Ryan Barnes, Bradley Presley, Aalap Shah and fellow Kyle Emberson do a great job with the medical students at MUSC. I would like to implement an ultrasound curriculum into the MUSC PA program. When this happens, can I use your podcasts and lectures to help PA students learn the fundamentals of POCUS?

  2. Thank you for reitorating that US guided PIVC insertion can be one of the hardest procedure in ED. I would add IMHO that in-plane insertion is hardest. Excellence at in-plane PIVC insertion paves the way for you to get good at MSK US as well as nerve blocks.

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