Is tamponade a clinical diagnosis?

In this episode, I demonstrate a case of early tamponade in which only right atrial diastolic collapse is visualized (rather than the oft-quoted right ventricular diastolic collapse), as well as review the literature on the sonographic findings. Additionally, I suggest that maybe tamponade should be considered more of a sonographic diagnosis rather than a clinical diagnosis.  Check it out the episode for more thoughts!

On a side note, Terren Trott, Ben Smith and I are going to be putting together a new live and online ultrasound course March 15-16th! We’re going to spend the first day talking about content creation and the second day talking about how to run an ultrasound division.

The content creation course will cover how to create online presentations, how to use microblogging platforms (such as twitter and instagram) and how to give in-person presentations. The ultrasound management course will involve topics that will help you run a successful ultrasound program at your institution.

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Here’s the link for more information: 

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful teaching video, I had a patient with pericardial effusion in one of my mission in South Sudan with all the signs of tamponade, I was so afraid to do pericardiocenthesis though we had to do , this teaching will help us to diagnose and perform the procedure more confidently.

    Thank you

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