Sonoinstructables – Chicken Breast Vascular Access Simulator


  • Chicken breast (bone in)
  • Wooden skewer
  • Latex tube (or Penrose drain)
  • Kelly forceps (or another clamp)
  • Syringe
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  1. Great video and suggestions. I have used a similar technique, with some subtle differences. In stead of the drain I have used balloons that are used to make balloon animals. They can be purchased on Amazon at a reasonable price. I then partially fill a 60 cc syringe with ultrasound gel. Shake all the gel to the bottom, the syringe fits nicely through the hole in the gel container and there is minimal air in the gel. I then cut a 12 inch piece of IV tubing and coat it with ultrasound gel for lubrication, preload ultrasound gel in the tubing to get out air and push it all the way to the bottom of the balloon. Push the plunger and fill the balloon with ultrasound gel. As the ballon fills with gel the tubing will back out naturally, taking the air with it. Tie the end of the ballon. To insert into the chicken breast I simply cut the breast in the coronal plane with a scalpel, leaving half attached. put the balloon inside the and fold the breast back over to it’s anatomic location. The gel won’t leak out of the balloon with repeated punctures and I can change the course of the balloon to form a more curved shape to help the learner practice finding a place on the vessel that’s appropriate for cannulation.

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