Scott Weingart’s 2019 RUSH exam update (Ultrasound Podcast – Audio Post)

The RUSH exam has been around for at least 13 years, and it’s time for a review from one of the innovators who first coined the phrase “Rapid Ultrasound in Shock and Hypotension”.  Scott has the perspective of a resuscitationist who uses ultrasound, and needs this exam to be as efficient as possible. Listen to the podcast to hear his thoughts. Caution: If you’re listening with children, this episode has a bit of strong language. 
*A couple of clarifications: During the podcast I mentioned that I’ve done a bunch of research on DVT. I’ve done absolutely no clinical or laboratory research on DVT’s, but I’ve definitely read a bunch of articles. Also, during the podcast I mentioned a systematic review/meta-analysis that shows that when a DVT is found in a patient in whom there is suspicion of PE, the +LR was 16.2.  Here’s the pubmed ID: 16052017).  Also, if you’re unfamiliar of the LLS score, check out this link.

Click below to listen to the podcast:

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