Lung Infections and Ultrasound (2020)

Core Ultrasound Lecture Series

In this video, Jacob shares with us a talk he gave to the Jacksonville residency on pulmonary infections from way back in 2020. This was towards the beginning of the  COVID pandemic, so he talks about both bacterial and viral infections and how they look on ultrasound. Check it out!

  1. Hi Jacob – thanks for all your amazing work in establishing point-of-care ultrasound as a critical clinical tool.

    I’d like to be familiar with the evidence base for distinguishing viral and bacterial lung infections with lung ultrasound. Are there any research papers that you’d recommend that look at this topic?

  2. If I have 2 transducers… convex and microconvex. 3-9
    which should I use ? both… in lungs and pocus ?

    Transductor Micro-convexo G4-9M
    • Campo de visión: 136 grados
    • Radio convexo: 12mm
    • Rango de frecuencia: 3.0-10.0MHz
    many thanks
    dr. jose a Sacre Hazouri, MD FAAAAI

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