Core Ultrasound Image Review #2

In this week’s Core Ultrasound Image Review, Jacob Avila (Ultrasound Director and the Ultrasound Fellowship Director at the University of Kentucky) and Dr. Terren Trott (Associate Fellowship Director at the University of Kentucky) sit down with Dr. Wesley Barnett (PGY-1 EM resident) to review some of UK’s choicest cases. Check it out!

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5 Minute Sono videos

Superficial venous thrombosis
How to Obtain Cardiac Windows
  1. Great work fellas! This is a great way for practicing providers outside the big house to get smarter about techniques (image acquisitions) and meaning (image interpretation/integration). Loved the hydro point clip- reminded me of Farkas post on same ( All that doesn’t slide isn’t a pneumothorax 🙂

    You mentioned lung consolidation and PNA. How do you differentiate that from compressive atelectasis in the absence of dynamic air bronchograms and patient presentation?

    Can’t wait for the next level “what the He#* is it?” reviews.

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