COVID and Thrombosis

It appears that there is a higher incidence of thrombotic events in COVID-19 patients, including upper and lower extremity DVT, MI, CVA and heart attacks.  While there are many ways to diagnose thrombotic disease, point of care ultrasound is definitely an option.  Click the video below to hear our thoughts on COVID, thrombosis and POCUS.

Below is a compilation of our 5 Minute Sono videos that are related to thrombosis. Check them out!

Lower Extremity DVT
Upper extremity DVT
Superficial Venous Thrombosis
Right heart strain
Lung findings in PE
Regional wall motion abnormalities
Transcranial Doppler
Transcranial Doppler, Part 2

Below is our compilation of articles that talk about thrombosis associated with COVID as of May 7, 2020:

Rebel EM has a great summary the literature, including management here

Rob Orman also did a great podcast interview about this here