COVID and Machine Decontamination

We’re (obviously) pro-ultrasound when it comes to diagnostic work-ups.  This is especially true when you consider the overwhelming COVID pandemic. When using POCUS to evaluate your patients, you definitely don’t want the machines to be a potential source of infection for your next patient.  In this podcast, Mike and Jacob discuss their thoughts on how to adequately safeguard your machine and your patients amid this pandemic.

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Below is one way to safely use your ultrasound machine in COVID and suspected COVID pts via 5 Minute Sono:

Here are some examples of a hand-held machines completely enveloped in a sterile transducer sheath.

The below pictures of a Butterfly IQ device and iPad/iPhone in a sterile sheath is courtesy of Peter Weimersheimer (@VTEMSONO)

Butterfly IQ with probe sheath cover

Butterfly IQ with probe sheath cover

Butterfly IQ with probe sheath cover

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