Ultrasound Podcast 199 – Cardiac Arrest with Cian McDermott, Part 2 (And resources!)

On March 10th we published part 1 of Cardiac Arrest Ultrasound with Cian McDermott.  We usually like to publish part 2 right after part 1, but instead we published a series of ‘casts on COVID and lung ultrasound.

But now, the wait is over! Check out PART 2 of Cardiac Arrest Ultrasound with Cian McDermott where we ask ourselves rapid-fire questions!

If you are interested in some detailed show notes, Check out Part 1 of the podcast on the www.Coreultrasound.com website.


  • ULA (Ultrasound Leadership Academy) has graciously offered to put their lung modules online FOR FREE.  Link here
  • Castlefest 2020 is delayed until November 9th.  #COVID19

Here’s the audio podcast:


Part 1 of the Cardiac Arrest Podcast with Cian McDermott.

Ultrasound and delays in pulse check (USP archive; episode 189)>

Ultrasound Associated with Delay in Pulse Checks with Mike Allison (USP archive; episode 164)

Ultrasound In Codes (USP archive; episode 163)

Lines in Arrest (5 min sono blog)