How to Learn

(This post was initially published on on November 18, 2018)

Recently, Mike Mallin and I did a series on one of my other podcasts (Ultrasound Podcast) on what we thought were best practices with producing and delivering a good lecture (Check it out here).  Then we got our mentors (Haney Mallemat, Resa Lewiss, Alyson McGregor, Victoria Brazil, Matt Dawson, and Anand Swaminathan) to give us their top pearls on lecturing (Check it out here).

In this episode we talk about my tips on how to be a good learner.  Let me know what you think!


  1. great talk.
    an important role -vital- of a good lecturer is to HELP the audience to put information in the GREEN sector:
    Repeat the key concepts in different phrases at different times
    Humor is v.importtant :its a ”break” without leaving the room ,refreshingand make knowledge enjoyable..
    Monotony is the killer to attention: change the tone , v. brief pauses to allow for digestion and mini-summarizing intralecture !!!
    by the way I ve missed the series of tow to lecture- you might have mentioned all of what I ve said

    1. Great tips!

      Check out the links above the video to see the “How to Lecture” series I did with the Ultrasound podcast.

  2. One of the way to HELP learner to gather things in the green zone, is to repeat the messages frequently:
    So if you explain message 1, summarize in few key words before moving to explain message 2.
    And when you finish explaining message 2 ,summarize key words in message 1& 2 before moving to message 3 and so on: every time you finish on message , touch on all the other messages through KEY words only, not long sentences to save time and avoid boredom

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