Scan Adjust Demo







frame rate


Demo works on Chrome and FireFox, but not consistently on Safari (not tested on IE). If the video doesn’t play, try pushing the switch clip button until it does… Or try w/ Chrome. Mobile not supported at this time.

With zebras toggled on:

  • areas shaded blue correspond to loss of information because of under-gain (clipping in the black)
  • areas shaded red correspond to loss of information because of over-gain (clipping in the white)

Decreasing the contrast and dropping the frame rate will simulate using an abdominal, FAST, or pelvic preset.

Future plans:

  • Add ability to upload user’s clip
  • Add presets buttons
  1. Hi. I’d love to try using your Scan Adjust tool. I can’t find the link to download the tool? If is disabled? Thanks so much.

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