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  1. Raining requirement for starting to do bedside ultrasound, any legal opinions? I have been trained by attending courses and being able to review with a radiologist when needed. My understanding is as long as ultrasound is screening and a normal part of my physical exam then I am covered.

    1. Most experts in the point of care ultrasound community feel strongly that ultrasound is not just part of the physical exam. It is a completely separate procedure and skill, and should be viewed as such. Every bedside ultrasound program should include archived images, well documented interpretations as well as a robust quality assurance program championed by a director of bedside ultrasound (not necessarily a radiologist). Additionally, these are separately billable studies and should not be lumped into the routine charges for the patient. Specific legal requirements surrounding your use of bedside ultrasound vary by country/region/state. In the US, I would recommend following ACEP’s guidelines for ultrasound credentialing: Policy Statements.

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