ClipShare FAQ

  1. How are patient privacy concerns addressed?
    Patient privacy has been taken very seriously; the following security measures have been put in place:

    • All clips are uploaded on an encrypted connection (https/ssl), 128-bit modern cipher suite
    • Scans are first saved to a nonpublic folder on the server
    • They are then renamed to a randomly generated 10 character string and stripped of all metadata
    • Next, the top 9% of the pixels are cropped off to remove any patient info
    • Original files are deleted once cropping is complete
    • Only then are the scans moved to a random public folder (it would take 6 years to crack one folder’s name using a desktop computer)
    • Each Share page is password protected and viewed over an encrypted connection as well (same 128-bit)
  2. What is the max number and size of the scans that I can upload?
    • The current limit is 50 scans, no larger than 50MB each
  3. What filetypes are supported?
    • All major still and clip filetypes are supported, with the exception of DICOM.
    • Here’s a list: [mp4, mov, avi, wmv, mpg, flv, jpg, png, gif, bmp, tiff]